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Power Morphicon is happy to premier this brand new Power Rangers Two pack. This Power Rangers Lightning Collection two back comes with two villainous Cog robots. Both great figures feature weapons and blast effect along with adjustable head to see the inter workings of these mechanical henchmen. They are ready to build your army for the glory of The Machine Empire.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Cyborg – Megazord (Original)

Megazord activated! Powered up and ready to go, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers full-color Super Cyborg figure is primed for action! This highly articulated 11” Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Cyborg Megazord figure features a removable chest plate that reveals all of the Power Rangers inside, as well as the inner workings of their most powerful weapon. With accurate sculpting and proportions throughout, premium paint detail, and Power Sword accessory, the full color Super Cyborg Megazord would be an awesome centerpiece of any MMPR collection!  

Have you ever wondered what made your favorite characters tick? Well, wonder no more! The Super7 Super Cyborg figures will show you exactly what does. Standing at 11’’ tall with multiple articulation points, these awesome action figures features a secret inside. One each figure, the chest and waist panels are removable so you can see the robot inside.

Available – Now

Retail – $85.00

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