Press 2022

To register for a Press pass, please fill out the form below.  You will be contacted within 2 weeks with an update to your press application status.

Power Morphicon welcomes members of the media from all over the world. The only means to receive press access is to pre-register.  THERE WILL BE NO ON SITE REGISTRATION.  When you check in at the convention, you will need to show your State issued ID and business card that corresponds with your press application.

Members of the press are who are granted access are admitted to Power Morphicon with a complimentary press pass. This pass is good for entry to all of the events held at Power Morphicon (space permitting). The pass, however, does not allow for early entry into the event hall, panel rooms and special events and does not guarantee seating.

Please keep in mind that press registration is a courtesy and your badge is non-transferable. You may not transfer, sell or reuse your badge. A press badge does not allow for plus ones or guests.

Camera crews, while free to roam the main hall, cannot set up equipment in a fixed manner (i.e. lights, chairs, etc.). Filming or recording of panels must first obtain the permission of panel participants.  Any videotaping, filming, or recording of any manner which will be used for commercial purposes (non-news) must first obtain written permission of Power Morphicon. The videotaping of panel screens is prohibited and panels cannot be recorded in their entirety without written permission from Power Morphicon.

As always, the issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of Power Morphicon.