Power Morphicon 2022 Memberships are Live

Power Morphicon 2022 Memberships are Live. Please note If you already have an 2020 or 2021 membership they have been rolled over to the new 2022 memberships. You will get a new email with barcodes for the 2022 onsite event in Pasadena CA August 26-28th 2022.

Power Morphicon is a Membership Based event. This means you are not buying a ticket. Your membership is a contribution to making the event happen. That said, memberships are non-refundable. Whether you choose to go to the convention or not attend, your membership makes the event happen.

New Day Zero Badge Pickup

PMC will have badge and membership pick up on Day Zero starting Thursday August 25th, 2022 at noon.

Memberships include a brand-new Fully Barcoded system— meaning that registration check in and merchandise pick up are streamlined to get you into the event faster!

Membership Levels

VIP Gold Ranger

This has the most perks and access to other events, sometimes at extra costs. Includes Early Entry into the event each day.

Red Ranger

Full Weekend Pass

This is the only way to get in Friday August 26th, 2022. Friday is only open to full weekend memberships.

Blue Ranger

Saturday only

Yellow Ranger

Sunday Only

Pink Ranger

Kids 12 and under are free you just need to sign them in at the Kids station at the event.

Non Attendee Memberships

Non-Attendee memberships are for those fans that can not be on site at the show in person but want to help make the event happen and contribute with their membership. Non-attendee memberships will have their packages sent out after the event.