Power Morphicon FAQs

Saturday and Sunday tickets available day of the event at the box office.

You can pick up your badges any time Thursday – the end of the evnet

Event Location

August 26th-28th 2022

Pasadena Convention Center

301 E Green St Pasadena CA 91101

Event Hours

  • Thursday 12-8pm Badge Pickup and Limited events
  • Friday 11am-4pm Badge Pickup
  • Friday 3pm VIP 4pm General Admission -8pm
  • Saturday 9am VIP 10am General Admission -6pm
  • Sunday 10am Vip 11am General Admission -5pm

I heard there is no security checks at Power Morphicon. Why don’t you have these in place? I don’t feel safe without it.

Power Morphicon and its staff want to ensure you feel safe and happy on site at all times. We will have random bag and ID check onsite and We have Pasadena police on-site during the show (reflective of San Diego Comic-Con and their procedures) to ensure any emergencies or situations can be handled by trained officers of the law. Note that the officers on site will be a blend of uniformed and non-uniformed police.

Your Rules and Regulations say that I’m not allowed to use any of the photography or videography that I take at the show for my own or commercial use. What does this mean? Can I not sell my photo prints or make videos of my PMC footage on my YouTube channel?

There is a lot of confusion here so please let us clarify what we mean in the Rules and Regulations. Individuals may take pictures and videos for private viewing. What this means is that if you are filming for television, a documentary, a televised news outlet, or your professional reel, Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express needs to know so we can sign an approval or release form.

If you are a photographer, press member, YouTuber, or podcast creator, you do have permission to do as you wish with the Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express footage you capture. This includes photos of your peers, the show floor, its guests, or interview material.

I am a cosplayer and I saw a picture of myself from last year’s PMC on your social media. Why didn’t you ask permission to use my image or tag me?

Acceptance of a Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express admission constitutes consent to be filmed or photographed by Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express staff or approved industry or media during the Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express event without compensation to you. Your acceptance of a membership and attendance at any Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express event, including the convention, constitutes a grant of rights to Power Morphicon Convention/Power Morphicon Express to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from and otherwise use any footage or parts of the footage that it affixes in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including on the internet, broadcast, satellite and other transmissions.

All participants in the Cosplay Contest will be asked to sign a Release Form prior to entering the contest, understanding that once the photographs are taken by Convention Staff during the event, the photos are the property of the Convention to use in any social media or promotional material we wish.

What is the Early Bird VIP Gold Ranger Membership?

This is the same as VIP Gold, but gives those first to buy access to the After Party on Friday night (which is limited in numbers due to capacity limitations these are sold out ).

Where Are the Hotel Blocks?

We have multiple hotel blocks for this event. Hotel Link

What are the Power Morphicon Exclusives and Limits per membership?

Purchasing limits will be the same across all memberships, unlike PMC 2018 where each membership had different limits. To reiterate, every membership will be able to buy the same numbers of exclusives.

What are you doing about Badge pick up? I waited too long in line last time. I don’t want to wait next year.

We are very sorry about the wait time last year. We have switched to a new registration system called TIXR and all memberships are able to be easily scanned for instant check in. We also have a full day zero on Thursday August 25th just for badge pick up.

I am hesitant to pre-order a non-attendee membership because of issues last year.

We have a new registration system in place to not have those issues. Additionally, all Pre Sales will be shut down much sooner and not so close to the 2022 show date. This includes careful counting of all stocks and how much we are selling on-site at Power Morphicon.

PMC advance tickets are Memberships?

Correct—purchasing memberships online is a non-refundable membership. Power Morphicon is and always has been a membership-based event. When you purchase a ticket package, you are agreeing that there are no refunds to the Power Morphicon membership. Memberships can be revoked at any time during the event. PMC membership allows you to attend the event or have your membership sent to you for non-attending. If you cannot make the convention, you can pay to upgrade the membership to non-attending before the event. Requests for membership changes cannot be made more than 10 days after the event. Non-attendance does not entitle you to a refund of the membership.

Where and when is Power Morphicon?

Power Morphicon will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California on August 26th-28th 2022

How can I buy an membership?

Membership Link Here

When can I pick up my badge? PMC 2022 Onsite

Badges are available for pick up starting this event at Day Zero Thursday August 25th 2022 at 12:00pm through Sunday at 5:00pm. You can pick up your badge for any day of attendance once the convention has started.

Is there an ATM nearby the convention center?

If you need cash, there are several banks nearby and ATMs for public use.

Is it okay to wear a costume?

Cosplay is encouraged and we hope you consider entering the Cosplay Contest! Costumes of all skill-levels are welcome and we want to see a wide variety of characters. However, please make sure any props comply with our Weapons Policy in the Power Morphicon Rules and Regulations.

Where can I sit down and relax?

Conventions can be tiring, we understand. If your feet are tired or you need to just take a break away from the main floor you can also take a break at one of our video rooms or panels and watch some great entertainment!  We will have safe spaces available and seating available for our attendees with needs that may fall into the ADA categories. If you need help at any point during the show, please wave down a staff member or volunteer and they will assist you.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with information?

The Power Morphicon website is updated regularly with announcements and guest appearances. You can also follow Power Morphicon on Facebook Instagram and Twitter for real-time updates.

Will [insert favorite actor/actress/writer/movie/show] going be there?

We are working with the actors and various other production team members to schedule appearances and panels.  Confirmed guests will be announced on the Power Morphicon website. A full panel-room schedule will be announced a few weeks prior to the event.  Please remember all guests and schedules are subject to last minute changes.

How do I become a volunteer with Power Morphicon?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We will have the volunteer application up shortly. If new volunteers are required, we will be in contact with you to set up a schedule.

I can no longer attend Power Morphicon. Can I get a refund?

Power Morphicon is a membership-based convention. Because memberships provide the funds to hold the convention, they are non-refundable.  By paying the upgrade fee, the items in your membership level can be sent to you after the show.

Will I be able to purchase _______ Convention exclusives at the convention?

Pre-orders take priority and will be filled first. Any _______ Convention exclusives available for purchase at Power Morphicon during the event.

Can I buy the _______ Convention exclusives without going to the convention?

Any left over Exclusives will be offered online after the convention to PMC memberships first.

How is shipping for figures calculated?

International shipping is an estimate and built into the price. If there is an issue with your item, you will be notified via email after the Power Morphicon Convention.

I’m confused about the different membership colors. Can you explain them please?

We have several levels of membership, all of which include their own corresponding merchandise and convention access. These levels are VIP Gold and Red are full weekends , Blue is Saturday only and Yellow is Sunday only.

Pink is limited to children under 12 with a paid adult.

Once you’ve decided which membership option you want, you can register for the Power Morphicon Convention here. All tiers of membership are available for purchase through the Power Morphicon website except for the Pink Ranger Membership, which is only available on-site at the Pasadena Convention Center during the convention.

Tell me more about this Pink Ranger Membership?

Pink Ranger passes are limited to families with children. Children under 12 are welcome to the Power Morphicon convention free with paid adult badge and must be registered on-site. For safety reasons, Power Morphicon will require children to have parents’ names and phone numbers on their wrist bands in case of accidental separation during the convention. This is only done onsite.

All rules and policies are subject to change at any time

Please feel free to Contact Us if your question has not been answered here.