Some words about Jason David Frank

As most of you know, Jason David Frank passed away the other night. 

Jason met so much to this community. I would like to share just a little about his life, and our projects together. 

My name is Scott Zillner, I am the promoter and owner of Power Morphicon. Myself and Jason David Frank have been friends, colleagues, and business partners for many years. I took over Power Morphicon in 2008. One of the first calls I made was to Jason and get him on board for the event. He has always been a call away. 

Over the years we worked together on many, many different projects and events. Of those, Lord Drakkon was his baby. He wanted to change the way Power Rangers was made and bring it to the adult audience he knew they had. I wanted to do my part and pushed Bandai to make the next Power Morphicon Exclusive a Lord Drakkon Lighting Figure. Bandai was hesitant to do this but after a couple of meetings we got it pushed through. Me and Jason had so many calls about the upcoming Netflix deal for a series on the Drakkon saga. I themed the entire upcoming Power Morphicon to a Lord Drakkon Con. Saban selling Power Rangers to Hasbro changed that. I had to fight for the figure now. Bandai changed ownership over this deal and no longer wanted to support a brand that they had lost the rights to. I knew Jason’s vision and eventually was able to make that exclusive figure and theme happen for PMC 2018. The changeover, however, also canceled his Netflix deal. 

From this sowed the seeds of The Legend of the White Dragon. Jason now owned his idea of a hero with a troubled past. This was his dream and he worked hard on that. Not many people can match his uncontrolled energy when he puts it to a purpose. Again we worked together to work on an action figure for the movie and PMC 2022. Jason’s Legend of the White Dragon was to be his piece de resistance and will ultimately be his final legacy to his fans. This film dealt with the loss of his brother that haunted him for so much of the years and his own duality and inner demons. He put his everything into the White Dragon, the only way Jason could do. Legend of the White Dragon will premier in 2023. The final accomplishment of his carer.

I don’t need to go into details about how much he was loved by his fans or how much his fans meant to him. Jason was tireless to perform and always gave 170 percent when it came to his appearances. During Covid he created the POWER RANGERS PROTECTION PLAN, which allowed him to visit and help independent comic book stores during a dark time for retail commerce. At his appearances, he would sign to the last man standing. He would never leave a fan behind and always made sure they left happy. This is the measure of his commitment to his fans, One he never stopped doing.

He gave it all for his fans and constantly proved it. His loss will always be felt in the community and the lives he touched. From each of the fans he gave hope to and the friends and coworkers he inspired to always do more.

I will miss you, brother, every day.

Scott Zillner 

Power Morphicon