Non Attendee Packages

We are back from the event and slightly rested. Non Attendee memberships are now getting pre prepped. There is a delay as we are waiting on the new coins to get here. While that process is happening we will start to send out a google form for your addresses. We have got a lot of emails as it has been a few years on the events and many people moved. This process will take 6-8 weeks for packages to get sent out. If your order is not a Gold Membership needing coins we will get to those sooner. We also got in the other shipment of Event Pins that did not arrive in time for the show. We will be listing those the left over Pins, Patches, Fanypacks ,ReAction Megazords and other items on the Planet X Toys Etsy site as they have the ability to process international shipping that has gotten very complex for some country’s like the UK.

Planet X Toys Etsy Page Link