Power Ranger Guests at Robo Toy Fest May 15th

We have Several Power Ranger Guests at this years Robo Toy Fest May 15th at the Pasadena Convention Center .

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Lex Lang

Power Rangers: Zeo - Louie Kaboom, Defector (voice, uncredited)   
Power Rangers: Turbo - Lerigot (voice, uncredited), Rygog (voice, credited as Alexis Lang) 
Power Rangers: In Space - Ecliptor (voice, credited as Walter Lang), Jakarak (voice, uncredited)     

Power Rangers: Wild Force - Zen-Aku (second voice)

Dan Woren

Dan Woren’s first role in Power Rangers was Medicon in Power Rangers Time Force episode 7, Short-Circuited. He was the first voice of Zen-Aku and also voiced Onikage in Power Rangers Wild Force. He Previously Voiced Hydro Contaminators & Drill Master In Power Rangers Zeo

Rebecca Forstadt

She provided the voice for Fighting Flea in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a Computer Voice in Power Rangers Time Force, as well as an uncredited role as a newscaster in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Phillip Jeanmarie

Phillip Kitsing Jeanmarie (born October 6, 1978) is an American actor best known for portraying Max Cooper, the Blue Shark Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force and as intersex villain Vincent Clarkson—son of Julian Crane and Eve Russell—on the daytime soap opera Passions from December 2006 to the series finale in 2008.