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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As of Monday, November 5th2018, tickets officially go on sale for POWER MORPHICON EXPRESS (PMCX). The show’s first stop is scheduled to hit PASADENA, TEXAS on APRIL 6th – 7th, 2019. The traveling two-day show is a new joint business endeavor between veteran convention show runner Scott Zillner and Power Rangers mega-star and veteran actor Jason David Frank that will take the fun and excitement of the original Power Morphicon Convention and bring the largest official Power Rangers fan expo to life in a collection of new cities.

The first lineup of guests from the Power Rangers series who are scheduled to appear in Pasadena, Texas are:

Jason David Frank

Paul Schrier

Jason Faunt

Erin Cahill

Steve Cardenas

Brennan Mejia

Nakia Burrise

Catherine Sutherland


About Power Morphicon Express (PMCX):

The Original Power Morphicon Conventionis the biggest and only officially recognized Power Rangers fan convention in the world since 2007. Just like the large-scale show which takes place every two years in Southern California, Power Morphicon Express will give fans the opportunity to meet a collection of their favorite Power Rangers actors, hear them speak in panels, buy incredible merchandise in the vendor hall, and see Power Rangers inspired art by local artists.


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Name: Rorrie Travis Character: Red Ranger

Name: Abraham Rodriguez Character Name: Nate

Name: Jacqueline Scislowski Character: Yellow Ranger

Name: Cosme Flores Character Name: Ben

Name: Colby Strong Character Name: Blaze

Name: Jasmeet Baduwalia Character: Blue Ranger

Name: Kristina Ho Character Name: Betty

Name: Liana Ramirez
Character Name: Roxy


September 19th, 2018

Lord Drakkon Non-Attendee Update:


Dear Power Morphicon Non-Attendees,

In our continued effort to remain transparent through this Drakkon fulfillment issue, we are providing you with this update so you can see where we are in the process. As of this writing, we have successfully filled all single-Drakkon orders through May. At this time, we are working on memberships containing double Drakkon figure orders from January through May. With that said, we regret to inform that we have reached the end of our Lord Drakkon supply.

If your order was made during the months of June-July, we need you to fill out an Exchange or Refund option from the forms we sent previously for us to continue forward without any issues. It is our goal to process those early June memberships this week. Bear in mind that as we continue to receive full refund requests from our non-attendee members, it leaves a few figurines to trickle down the pipeline. But ultimately, our surplus has been expended and our June-July members should be prepared for that; in all likeliness, we will not be able to provide you with a Lord Drakkon figure.

As a result of this situation with the Drakkon figures, our supplier is doing their best to keep up with the sudden increase in Drakkon Throne orders. Currently, we are receiving deliveries twice a week, but there is an inevitable setback with those as well. Orders are delayed about a week from when the tracking number is sent to you. However, we are receiving a new throne shipment this Friday, which will get us all caught up with those outstanding orders. The thrones will then be shipped out on Saturday, which is good news for us all.


Thank you very much again for your patience and understanding while we continue to work around the clock on correcting this.



Power Morphicon Staff

Dear Power Morphicon Non-Attendees,

While going through our orders this weekend to send everyone their Non-Attendee membership items, we discovered a system error in the registration system. Very unfortunately, this system error affected our inventory of Lord Drakkon figures. There is no easy way to say this- we are currently experiencing a stock shortage of the figures and will be unable to fill every order that we originally anticipated we could. For this, we at Power Morphicon are so incredibly sorry.

Please know that we are working around the clock with due diligence to remedy this and make it right. We were hoping that an extra stock of Lord Drakkon figures from Entertainment Earth could help counteract the shortage. However, we found out yesterday they can not help us in this and will sell their stock of the figures separately. If you ordered a single Lord Drakkon figure, your item will be fulfilled. However, if you ordered multiple Lord Drakkon figures we have to make allocations on your orders to ensure everyone receives at least one figure.

We want to remain in good standing with our members by offering an exchange for each Lord Drakkon figurines that we will not be able to fulfill. In exchange, we are able to offer:

Two Black and Gold Megazord Funko Pops


One Lord Drakkon Throne (Non-collectors edition in plain packaging without display box or Drakkon sticker)

If neither of these options are to your liking, we will provide refunds in $50 increments for the Lord Drakkon figures that we cannot fill. Please reply to RegisterMorphicon@gmail.com with your membership number and let us know which option works best for you. Questions and concerns can be sent to that inbox as well and they will be answered in the order in which they were received.

We apologize profusely for the Reg Online system error which caused this oversight. We asked that you provide us a little time, patience, and understanding while we work through this issue. Power Morphicon will continue to do its best to remain transparent and let our members know where we are in this process as time goes on and we move forward.

Please note this only affects your if your ordered more than one Drakkon figure. If you only ordered one or no Drakkons or just a Megazord POP, this doesn’t affect your membership at all. Henshin Vault Coins are still delayed in China and once they arrive they will be sent out separately than your membership packets. 

Thank you in advance.

Power Morphicon Staff

Non Attending Update

We are waiting for our pallets to be delivered that should be the end of this week. Once they are received we will start prepping memberships for shipping starting with Platinum then Gold followed by Red and Blue. The first memberships will start getting to USPS on Tuesday the 4th after Labor day. Tracking numbers will be uploaded as we can during the shipping process. We will not be able to answer emails asking for tracking numbers while we are in this shipping process.

Drakkon throne orders that attendees could not pick up at the event and we said we would ship out are going out this week. New Drakkon throne orders opened up to memberships are shipping this week as well. Membership orders must have a membership number with your order to process. Non Membership thrones are up now.


Membership Throne

Non Membership Throne