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June 19th & 20th

We will have the event free on Youtube that weekend

Get autographs from the guests as well check out the event store HERE!

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PMC Online Store

We will have autographs from some of the guests from the online event. You can purchase them in the PMC online store. After the event they will send in all the autographs to PMC. From there we will send them all to you. This means you only have to get one package with multiple signatures. Read more

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Panels Scheduled

Saturday 19thTimeSunday 20th
10:00 AM PSTPower Rangers Dino Charge Power Rangers Ninja Storm10:00 AM PSTDiversity in Power Rangers Part 2
11:00 AM PSTShift into Turbo11:00 AM PSTPower Rangers Beast Morphers (Villains & Allies)
12:00 PM PSTPower Rangers SPD & Power Rangers Mystic Force12:00 PM PSTPower Rangers Wild Force
Live1:00 PM PSTDesigning Toys With Super71:00 PM PSTGo, Go Power Rangers: A Mighty Morphin’ Celebration
2:00 PM PSTPower Rangers Dino Charge Voice Actors Panels2:00 PM PSTPower Rangers Jungle Fury Voice Actors Panel
3:00 PM PSTDiversity in Power Rangers Part 1Live3:00 PM PSTToying Around With MMPR Toys
4:00 PM PSTPower Ranger Comic Books4:00 PM PSTPower Rangers Beast Morphers (Heroes)
5:00 PM PSTWomen of The Grid – Life as a Female Power Ranger5:00 PM PSTDino Thunder Bring the Storm!
Live From New Zealand6:00 PM PSTNinja Storm Reunion Panel6:00 PM PSTGet Revving with Power Rangers RPM
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