Eddie Frierson

Eddie Frierson – Voice actor

Power Rangers Time Force -Frax

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – Strikning

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – Ironite

Power Rangers Turbo – Terrortooth

Power Rangers Zeo – Mechanizer

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Globbor / Weldo / Octophantom

V.R. Troopers – Gunslinger

Robotech -The Shadow Chronicles , Louis Nichols / Haydonite

Robotech – Kyle

Digimon – Digital Monsters , Datamon

and many other Voice overs  Like Castle in the Sky, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie -Ken, Cowboy Bebop,Naruto, Tangled ,Wreck-It Ralph , and Frozen  to only name a few


Eddie Frierson
Eddie Frierson