David Yost

Special appearance by David Yost at Power Morphicon

David Yost has agreed to do a special appearance. This will be a saturday only Ticketed event. This will include a Q&A panel that will include David giving away some of his Power Ranger paraphernalia throughout the panel. He will also be doing a limited signing and photos with the fans as time permits. David will also be raffling his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers signed movie script at the appearance with proceeds to go to the Trevor Project. Power Morphicon will also be providing 500 limited edition David Yost prints at the convention with proceeds also going to the Trevor Project.

David Yost - MMPR Blue Ranger

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project
Due to time restraints David will only sign the 500 limited prints on sale for the Trevor project plus additional item or take one picture with them. Tickets for these will be available at the Ticket table Starting Saturday morning at 10am. The event holds 690
attendees 200 Gold Ranger seats 490 tickets for the event to Silver and Saturday attendees.

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