Attending FAQ Badges

Power Morphicon Attending information

Where do I go to get my stuff?

The lobby of building ACC north is registration


Registration opens Friday at Noon event opens at 4pm-9pm Saturday 9am event opens at 10am-6pm Sunday 10am -5pm

How Do I get my pre ordered membership?

If you have your email bring that and you’re ID to the event and registration to pick up your package. If you don’t have your email bring your ID. If your don’t have your email just bring your ID we can no longer email you copies of it.

Where do I go to get to registration?

We are in Building ACC north right in front of Katella ave facing Disneyland.
In the building registration would be to the left under the escalator.
You will get your membership packet with your badge lanyard, wristband. You will take your packet downstairs to the redemption and store to get any membership items you might have.

Why can’t I just get everything at one time?

There simply isn’t space at the new center to have everything in the lobby.

Redemption and Sales room

This is where you get all of your membership items and you can buy additional items according to your membership level.

How do they track my membership level and buying items?

Your wristbands each have a tab with your color and how many of each item you can buy.
Example a Blue ranger can buy 2 Lord Drakkons and 1 pop. The tab is your ability to purchase and you need it to buy the exclusives. Your wristband and the tab have serial numbers that has to match no using other people’s wristband tabs.

I lost my tab

Don’t lose it. You cannot buy exclusives without a tab and matching wristband.

When do I get my Non Attending Packages

We start shipping out non attending memberships one week after the convention.

Why? How come that so long?

It takes us a while to get everything ready after the event. We also have a lot of changes and emails to take care of before we can start shipping out your orders.

The show has ended where is my tracking number?

Once shipped we will do out best to upload all the tracking numbers as quick as we can.

I ordered a large shirt but now I want a 2 xl shirt.

At the show we might be able to make exchanges but not after the event.

I want to pre order a non attending item?