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Michi Yamato Coming to Japan World Heroes Saturday Only


Michi Yamato Saturday Only August 19th for the event 

Stunt coordinator& Suits Actor: Beetle borgs & Mettalix, Masked Rider Creator: Fujiyama Ichiban Voice Actor: Snake Eyes, Ghost in the shell, The Wolverine, Godzilla 2014 Bio. Born in Tokyo Japan. Learned action at Oono Kenyukai. Cast & producer Toku TV and stage show in Japan/ Bioman, Sunvalcan, Kamen Rider a combatman’s Diary1&2, Robot 8-chan, Pettonton. On the other hand, Main Editor of Televi-kun for 3 years. From 1995, Start career in USA.

Action Director: Michi Yamato: SF4AM/Pacific Heights Laser Trolley 

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