Robo Toy Fest This Sunday June 11th 2023

Robo Toy Fest is an exciting event that showcases a wide array of toys and collectibles. It is set to make a grand return on Sunday, June 11th, providing attendees with an amazing experience. This year’s edition promises to be particularly special as it will feature several notable guests, including stars from the Power Rangers Dino and Cosmic Fury series.

Fans of the Power Rangers franchise will have the opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite Power Rangers actors and actresses. These guests will likely participate in panels, autograph sessions, and photo opportunities, allowing attendees to get up close and personal with the stars of their beloved shows.

Additionally, Power Morphicon Gold memberships offer an exclusive benefit to its holders. If you possess a valid 2024 gold membership badge or proof, you can enjoy free general admission to the event. This is a fantastic perk for Gold members, as it allows them to skip the general admission fee and fully immerse themselves in the excitement of Robo Toy Fest.

The Power Morphicon Gold membership is a premium package available to fans of the Power Rangers franchise. It typically includes a variety of special privileges, such as priority access to panels, exclusive merchandise, and early entry to the convention. By presenting their 2024 gold membership badge or proof at Robo Toy Fest, Gold members can take advantage of the complimentary general admission, saving them money while enjoying all the event has to offer.

Early Bird Admission to the event includes a very special RTF Event enamel Pin.

Early VIP admission 

Early VIP Admission to the event at 9 am includes one exclusive event enamel pin. You can c

Buy Link $25.00 At the Door $30.00

General Admission

Regular Admission to the event at 10 am 

Buy Link $15.00 At the Door $20.00

Kids under 12 are free 

Robot Toy Fest Advance ticket sales June 11th 2023

Exclusives at the event

Event Pins $10

Wing Gundam Logo Pin, Initial D logo Pin, RTF robo Pin, and RTF-X Robo Pin 

Limited supplies on Wing and Initial D

Deluxe RTF – X mega Pin $20

Black Major Ghost Viper Glow In the dark Figure $25

LEGO RTF Robo set $15.00

Note Exclusives subject to change or delay. Refunds or items shipped if delayed 

Gift Bag Items 

Limited supplies and subject to change

RTF mini Poster 8.5 x 11 

Astro Bots Advance Comic Book 

Mofos Army Man figures Bag