PMC 2022 Lightning Passes and Gold Extra Events Extended

Lightning Pass

These will be limited event pass for Ryota Ozawa. Each day there is only a limited number available. They will include one autograph and one photo op as well as a front of the line to those who purchase. You do not need a Lighting pass to see Ozawa this is a special pass for the line that includes Autograph and Photo Op. Open to all memberships. You do not need a Lightning Pass to get in line for Ozawa there will be a regular stand by lines open to everyone.

Gold Limited Events

VIP Friday Night after party

This was originally only for early bird memberships we have limited spots still open.

Gold Breakfast

Limited spots open to all attendees while supplies last. Each table of 10 will have at least one Power Rangers guest. these are open to all memberships.

Very Limited Field Trip space

The number of buses we have is limited and with a new service provider. This event was mostly sold out when originally offered very few new seats will be offered.

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