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Pasadena, Calif. (April 1, 2018) – Power Morphicon is proud to announce it will transition it’s bi yearly event to a weekly convention model starting in 2019.

“The last few years have seen us grow in leaps and bounds,” said Scott Zillner, promoter of Power Morphicon and it’s sister shows, Japan World Heroes and Robo Toy Fest. “But we’ve consistently been asked why the show is held every other year in Pasadena. Many fans have expressed how much they’d love to attend, but they simply aren’t able to make the trip for a variety of reasons. Accordingly, we’ve decided to make Power Morphicon a weekly event that will travel the country, visiting a new town each week!”

As for what cities will be on the 2019 fifty-two week schedule, Zillner offered a rather unique method for determining that as well. “We’re going to have a week-long poll on the website, Zillner offered. “Fans will be able to log in and vote on which cities they’d like to see the tour visit. The 52 cities that get the most votes will make up the 2019 tour.”

As of press time, the website poll was scheduled to go live on Monday, April 2nd, at 8 a.m. pst.

Power Morphicon 2019

From the pages of Boom Studios’ Shattered Grid, comes the first-ever Lord Drakkon action figure!

Hailing from an alternate timeline, Tommy Oliver rules over the earth with an iron fist, in Rita Repulsa’s name! Standing 6-inches tall and featuring mutiple points of articulation, Lord Drakkon comes in a sealed Legacy packaging, with exclusive Power Morphicon branding and slipcase. Introduced in the Boom! Studios comic book series, Lord Drakkon is a limited edition Power Morphicon exclusive, and will not be offered anywhere through any other channels!

The exclusive action figure comes with two iconic accessories, the Green Ranger‘s Dragon Dagger and the White Ranger’s Saba sword!
Lord Drakkon is available to purchase online for both attendees and non-attendees packages at officialpowermorphicon.com while supplies last. Availability at the show is not guaranteed, but preordering one with your membership will.

If you’re attending Power Morphicon, get it signed by Lord Drakkon himself, Jason David Frank, who will be attending the event on Saturday, August 18th. Kyle Higgins, the one of the writers behind the Shattered Grid story and the co-creator of Lord Drakkon, will also be at Power Morphicon!