We have added 8 more guests to the show they are.

Jason Faunt

Scott Page-Pagter

Jack Guzman

Audrey Marchionno

Matt Mullins

Tony Oliver

Christopher Cho

Marshal Hilton

We will continue to add guests the rest of the year so stay tuned.

Guests 2012

Power Morphicon Postcards Art Contest
Here is our first pre convention contest. We want you to produce art for some of out promo postcards and who knows it might be used for other uses at the convention as well.
Submit your art to officialpowermorphicon@gmail.com and post them on our Facebook page.
The Art needs to be 4″x6″ inches and 300 dpi saved as a PSD or TIFF file. Contest starts Febuaruy 14th Valentines day and will end March 31st. The winners will be chosen after that to be used in PMC postcards at convention appearances thru out the year.