New Guests added to Power Morphicon August 22nd-24th Pasadena CA. at the Pasadena Convention Center

Rick Medina – Red Ranger PRWF & Dekker PRS/PRSS
Candace Kita– Barbara Stewart  Masked Rider
Christopher Cho – Dark Specter PRIS & BBB voice of Nukus
Royce Herron – Mrs. Appleby MMPR
Valerie Landon – Pink Ranger PRLG
Robert Axelrod – Lord Zedd & Finster MMPR and more
Ron Rogge  – Captain Mitchell on PRLR
Ronnie Sperling – Writer MMPR


PMC membership link for 2014 is below.  Live on the site and Facebook. Only Credit Cards or Debit Cards with a Visa / Master Card logo will be accepted. You can buy Day Passes at the box office during the event only for Saturday and Sunday. Full weekend memberships are only available online.

Register here


Official Hotel of Power Morphicon is the  Sheraton Pasadena

Located right behind the Convention center is the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel

303 Cordova Street. Pasadena, CA 91101, United States Phone: (626) 449-4000 •
You can book rooms at the link below as well