Meet Ciara Hanna and Karan Ashley at Anime Expo! They will be signing only at the Power Morphicon Booth (#4622/4722).

Ciara HannaKaran Ashley
Anime Expo
July 2nd, 2016
Los Angeles Convention Center

Are you ready to Go Galactic? Well, let’s rocket with this round of announcements! We are pleased to announce our next wave of guests for Power Morphicon: Justin Nimmo, Cerina Vincent, Reggie Rolle, Amy Rolle, Eddie Frierson, Latham Gaines, and Andrew Gray!


We are ready to celebrate Power Rangers Time Force’s 15th year anniversary with 9 Time Force characters, including 6 Time Force Rangers, Ransik (Vernon Wells), Nadira (Kate Sheldon), and Frax (Eddie Frierson)!


Justin NimmoCerina VincentReggie RolleAmy RolleEddie FriersonLatham GainesAndrew Gray

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