We have added more Pro Photo Opps (Power Rangers Time Force, V.R. Troopers, and Zyuranger) to the Power Morphicon lineup! You can now register for the Power Morphicon Photo Ops today!


Power Morphicon


This is your last weekend to get your full weekend memberships after July 15th! Only Saturday and Sunday tickets will be available at the convention box office.


Register for Power Morphicon today!

The Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Signing and Panel will be on Saturday, August 13th.


Free Signings ticket handout – Line starts at 6am tickets handed out starting at 9am – till done
Panel – 11:00am-Noon
Free Signings – 1:00pm-2:00pm & 4:00pm-5:00pm

Brennan Mejia – Red Ranger
James Davies – Black Ranger
Yoshi Sudarso – Blue Ranger
Michael Taber – Green Ranger
Camille Hyde – Pink Ranger
Claire Blackwelder – Purple Ranger
Davi Santos – Gold Ranger

Power Morphicon is in a couple weeks and we’d like to end the month of July with some exciting announcements!  We are pleased to announce our next wave of guests for Power Morphicon: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Sasha Craig, Anna Hutchison, Eka Darville, Alan Palmer, and James Bates.

Tracy Lynn CruzSasha CraigAnna HutchisonEka DarvilleAlan PalmerJames Bates

Click on the above images to learn more about them!

Register for Power Morphicon today!