Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen PrinceDerek Stephen Prince, aka Steve, has been in the voiceover industry almost 20 years. His career spans across such shows as Digimon: Seasons 1-4 playing such favorites as Digimon Emperor, Veemon, Beelzamon, Impmon and Piedmon to name a few; Love, Hina where he played Keitaro; Nartuto, where he plays Shino Aburame; and Bleach, where he plays Uryu Ishida. Video games include the Kingdom Hearts series as Vexen, Odin Sphere as Oswald, and Operation Darkness as Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper. Steve probably wouldn’t be doing voiceovers right now if it hadn’t been for Scott Page-Pagter, the director who cast him in his first voiceover role-Auric The Conqueror from MMPR Zeo. He went on to play Elgar in three subsequent seasons of MMPR including MMPR Turbo- The Movie.  He has also played Noxic on the short-lived Big Bad Beetleborgs. Steve has a passion in his voice and he ain’t afraid to show it…


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