Pie Patrol

A special event at this years Power Morphicon. The Pie Patrol will be fans that sign up purchase special No Pie buttons or arm bands and wear them during the event.

A person enrolled in the Pie Patrol has to keep there eyes out for anyone carrying contraband pies in the convention center. These will be special made pies with a No Pie sticker on the bottom. Sorry no bringing in your own pies. Once spotted identify yourself as part of the pie patrol and escort them to registration for a prize. If you catch Bulk or Skull with a Pie you get a very special Mega Prize.

We will have Buttons , Arm bands , T-shirts , Stickers, and Prints available at the event and online. all proceeds will go towards the great pie disaster of 2012.



No Pie!

No Pie!

Philip Jean Marie – Blue Ranger – Power Rangers Wild Force
Marshall Hilton   – Les Fortunes on Beetleborgs
Chris Violette    – SPD Blue Ranger
Matt Austin       – SPD Green Ranger
Vernon Wells    – Ransik- Power Rangers Time Force
Aly Purrott       – SPD Pink Ranger
Erik Betts        – MMPR stunts Green Ranger / Red Ranger / Puttys
Melissa Barker  – Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight stunts
Sabrina Lu       –  MMPR Scorpina

 Book your rooms for PMC at The Westin Pasadena

191 North Los Robles. Pasadena, CA 91101, United States Phone: (626) 792-2727

$119.00 a night the rate includes High-Speed Wireless Access in their guestrooms and that the rate is flat for single/double/triple/quad occupancy

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New Guests added to Power Morphicon August 22nd-24th Pasadena CA. at the Pasadena Convention Center

Christopher Khayman Lee – Red Ranger Power Rangers in Space

Jeff Pruitt – MMPR Stunt choreographer

Sophia Crawford -Stunt Actor Pink Ranger MMPR

Barbara Goodson – Rita Repulsa and many more

Ron Wasserman   – Theme music composter for MMPR, Power Rangers In Space, and Power Rangers SPD

Cerina Vincent  – Yellow Ranger Power Rangers Lost Galaxy * Saturday only

Alex Heartman – Red Ranger Power Rangers Samurai

Steven Skyler   – Gold Samurai Power Rangers Samurai