Power Morphicon 5

We are pleased to announce that Roger Velasco and Tone Rodriguez will be attending Power Morphicon.

Roger Velasco


Tone Rodriguez designed the Ivan Ooze print for Power Morphicon.

Due to filming schedule, Mark Musashi is unable to attend Power Morphicon this weekend. We look forward to having him at a future event.

The Power Morphicon Exclusive Megazord Figure will only be sold on Saturday and Sunday. No product will be sold on Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday, look for the Bandai signs in front of the convention entrance. The Guaranteed Ticketing line starts at 7:00.  Gold, Platinum, and Press badges do not guarantee early access nor does it guarantee the exclusive. Only 500 figures were produced and limited quantities are sold on each day.

Power Morphicon Exclusive Figure

Together We Are More!  The first 3,000 gift bags are Powered Up with the Exclusive Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Collector Coin! Badge pickup starts at 11am. We will be giving out the coin when you pick up your bag.  These are Limited Edition and on first come, first served basis!


Power Morphicon Movie Coin

This is not a mandatory schedule, it’s meant to be a way for fans not part of cosplay groups to get together and shoot the own photo ops outside the hall.  Unless stated otherwise, all gatherings will take place on the main stairway outside in front of the convention center. Times are subject to change.


There’s a Simple Explanation for that!
(Samurai, Megaforce, SuperMegaforce, Gokaiger)

Space, Patrol and Rescue!
(In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, SPD, Operation Overdrive

No Rest for the Wicked!
Villain and Minion cosplays



Girl Power! Cosplay Gathering! (Female ranger/ Toku gathering)

Forever Red!
All Red Ranger and Sentai Gathering

It’s about to Get Wild!
(All dinosaur theme series: MMPR, Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, Zyuranger).

The Legendary War 2 (hosted by The Grandmaster Ranger!)
The Largest Gathering of Ranger Cosplayers anywhere! All are Welcome!
(All rangers, Sentai, Villian, Kamen Rider, Civilian)

Need for Speed!
(All vehicle themed Series: Turbo, Rpm, Rider?)



To the 6th Power!
(All 6th Ranger,extra hero, banghai, ect)

(All Kamen Rider, Masked Rider cosplay gathering)

Call to the Wild!
(All animal themed series!: Zeo, Wild Force, Jungle Fury, Zyuohger)

Go Ninja Go Ninja go!
(Ninjetti, Alien, Ninja Storm, Ninja Steel, Kakuranger, Ninninger, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)