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Photo ops schedule Ballroom A


Photo Ops

10:00am – Amy & Reggie Rolle $50
10:30 – Jean CW Johnson $40
11:00 – Steve Cardenas $40
11:30 – Vernon Wells $40
12:00pm – Yuuta Mochizuki $40
12:30 – Hiroshi Maeda $40
1:00 – SPD Cast $100
1:30 – Yasuhiro Takeuchi $40
2:00 – Jorge Vargas Jr. $40
2:30 – Melody Perkins $50
3:00 – Rhett Fisher $40
3:30 – Walter Jones $40
4:00 – Austin St. John $40
4:30 – Red Rangers Combo

Austin St. John and
Yutta Mochizuki $80

5:00 – Keith Robinson $40
5:30 – David Yost $40
6:30 – Karan Ashley $40

Bandai Power Morphicon Exclusive – HOW TO BUY

1. A Bandai Ticket is required to purchase the exclusive. To obtain a Ticket, form a single file line in the Registration areas Ticket Table at these specified days/times:

· Friday 3:00 PM

· Saturday 9:00 AM

· Sunday 10:00 AM

2. There are 2 types of Tickets that will be distributed:

· “Guaranteed Purchase” Ticket – You can come to the Bandai Booth that day only to purchase 1 item.

· “Random Drawing” Ticket – You have been entered in the drawing to purchase the item. Visit the Bandai Booth any time throughout the day to see if your number is drawn!

Be sure to purchase your product 1 hour before show closes!! Tickets are valid that day only. SALES TERMS: Credit Card only, no cash. Limit 1 item per person. Duplicated Tickets will not be honored. All Sales Final. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds. We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time for any reason. Sales to exhibitors are limited to SUNDAY 8/24 only. Purchasing instructions are subject to change.





Guest Cancellations

Always sorry to announce but due to reasons beyond our control the following guests can not make it to the event.

Worth Keeter

Candace Kita

Jeff Deckman

Paulie Schrier

Matt Austin

Herbie Baez Jr

Audri Dubois

Neil Kaplan

Cerina Vincent

Convention Prints

Con Print

Artist Tsuyoshi Nonaka

*Blue and Yellow memberships  while supplies last

*Red, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership

11x17 pmc logo only poster

Con Print

Artist Scott Shaw

*Red, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership only

*pink memberships while supplies last



Silver Ranger Memberships Print

Artist Tone Rodriguez

*Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership only

Villians by Tone


Gold Ranger Memberships Print

Artist Jerome Lu

*included in the Gold and Platinum Memberships

Artist will be signing them free Saturday at noon

Limited amount for sale saturday

Jerome Lu

Jerome Lu

Platinum Ranger Memberships Print

Artist Ron Lim

*Platinum Membership only

Ron Lim Platnium PMC Print

Ron Lim Platnium PMC Print

Prints by others artists at the show

Matt Frank


Scott Shaw!

No Pies !

No Pies !

Ricky Dewise 

Mike Pflaumer

Scott Zillner & Emily Barr

Charity Items

Canvas Print 36″x24″ only one for the Make-A-Wish charity auction

Limited to Five 11’x17″ prints $100 each for Make-A-Wish