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This took a lot of work and we didn’t think it would happen. It is a bus trip to several of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Filming locations. We will visit the Alley from Green with Evil, Kenneth Han Park, and conclude with the House of the Book.  The House of Book is also known as Power Rangers Command Center. Each stop will be for Photo Ops opportunities and a stop for lunch. After the last stop, the bus will bring everyone back to the convention center and we will have all your badges and packages waiting for you. You will be the first Power Morphicon attendees to pick up your badges as normal pickup is on Friday.


Cost $50 each person (Even kids it is based per seat)

Times Due to LA traffic, we are looking at a 12 hour day (10am to 10pm).  Pick up and drop off at the convention center

Lunch Please bring a lunch for the trip at the park. There may be food trucks or other stuff nearby.

Limits We are looking at two buses for this event. If platinum and gold rangers don’t fill all the available spots, we will open left over spots open to any attendee for us to fill the limited amount of space. 100 spots available

Cosplay We do not know if there will be room for you to change at each stop so please come dressed as you want for the day. The bus will be Air Conditioned but LA might be warm. There is also not a lot of extra space for multiple bags and time limits at each spot. Take what you need and be considerate of your fellow travelers .


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